Hello World,

I’ve been a video producer/director/cameraman/editor/etc and a marketing pro for 20+ years, but am quite new to affiliate marketing, blogging and the like. My goal now is to synthesize video, social media, and online/affiliate marketing into a powerhouse system — first to build my own internet-based business, and then teach others to do the same.

So, for your benefit, as well as mine, I’ll enjoy being your resident “video guy”, and answering any and all video production related questions you may have as you make your own videos online. Topics can range from equipment, to scripting, to shooting, to editing, to distribution, and on and on. If you’ve never done a video, have tried and found it difficult, or are seeking to make your good videos better….please ask away in the comments, or write me at: Chaim@ChaimGoldman.com.

Wherever you are in the video production process, I’ve been there. Plus I have many friends in the production industry who I can also call on if you stump me, so I can get your question answered.

What’s your story? I’ll be more than happy to help you tell it with video!!

BTW: If you’re wondering how to pronounce “Chaim”, just drop the “C” and you’ll most likely come real close. (Think: “HI-ahm”.)

Please ask away,
Chaim the Video Guy

(Note: The ChaimGoldman.com blog actually launched on Sept 3, 2009, but I have been active in the member forum of my online marketing mentorship course, taught by Alex Jeffreys (MarketingWithYou.com), since mid-July. I’ve brought over these initial posts from that forum, and back-dated them to when they were originally published.)

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